New Year, new stuff...

Yeah, happy new year everybody ... The Krampus didn't get me this year, and saint nick was very good to me. I got a microKorg, and DS-10, and a Beadazzler; so very very busy the past couple of weeks making all sorts of sounds, and putting studs in my gig-bags.

The microKorg sounds so freakin' sweet, and has some great features and the knobs feel GREAT (but weird, I'm used to sticky Moog Rogue knobs. these move too smoothly) ... I'm very in love with the patch-editor that you can nab from their site. I've never really played with midi before, I mean, I've USED midi, but never anything with sys-ex, which is awesome ... I'm gonna try playing with pureData into this, controlling the midi, then editing the sound somehow, might even bring the arduino into the fun if I can get my hands on some midi jacks, I wanna be doing some fun stuff likethis : http://www.larsby.com/johan/diytar/ (Arduino + microKorg) .

DS-10 is also AWESOME... the real cart has a little cleaner graphics than diplodicus... but that's neither here nor there... it's all fun in the end.

Also I signed up for twitter today to play around with that ... Probably build something for flashDen or what-not with their API, maybe hook up an arduino and have it tweet every time a flea farts, who knows, it's there ... displaying the minutia of a lot of people's lives...

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