Geeks Day

About Once a year me & my dad (a professional musician) go out and look @ all the cool little local shops to check out the new & used equipment. As Usual, we spent about 4 hours out & about playing with stuff.

Also as usual, I found some stuff I wanted but want to spend that much money on (Usually New equipment, But a lot of used was over-priced too)

Golden Used finds included: Casio CZ-101 ($100), Turntables($65-200), midi controllers($50-200) and an Upright 3/4 Bass ($499) ...

Fortunately my dad has been searching for an upright for sometime, and this just happened to be about 1/4 of the price of buying a new one. So he now has a bass in his arsenal, which I am welcome to come play with.

I myself left with a handful of cables and adapters, cuz I am poor.


FireFox woes

It happens every time a new firefox comes out, about half my addons break. well I've learned to live with it, and cross my fingers waiting for an update.

But this is a different reason to be upset. Firefox was promoting a 'Download Day' to help set a world record for most downloads. FF3.0 was due out today at 10am pacific. So i waited until then to try to get it, getfirefox.com shows the link to FF2.0.0.14, mozilla.com is dead in the water. So the only place you can get it is the mirrors, which don't contribute to the world record count.

What a bunch of phooey, If you're going to promote a landrush on a download, at least have the decency to ACTUALLY be prepared instead of asking the world to assist in a DoS attack on your system. And actually have the product readily available.


DARPA is funding some fantastic research but being able to Harness Insect Flight and Vision Electronically is a concept that is far out. The goal is lofty but based on the research results they have achieved to date I think their plans are attainable.

Pretty cool but ... Dr. Robotnik's been doin' this kind of stuff for over 20 years!

Check out the whole post @ hackedgadgets

Hooray for sound.

I've been playing with PD almost daily since the move, and boy is it fun... it's even better with LoopBe1 an internal midi loop which let's you send and receive midi data in the machine.

I've found alot of stuff on chip-tunes and Lo-Fi sounds for PD on the web. Most notibly mmonoplayer.com has emulated the sound chips from several classic consoles. http://mmonoplayer.com/mspexternals.php They're mainly patches for MAX/MSP but some of the good stuff is available for PD as well.

loads of fun