FireFox woes

It happens every time a new firefox comes out, about half my addons break. well I've learned to live with it, and cross my fingers waiting for an update.

But this is a different reason to be upset. Firefox was promoting a 'Download Day' to help set a world record for most downloads. FF3.0 was due out today at 10am pacific. So i waited until then to try to get it, getfirefox.com shows the link to FF2.0.0.14, mozilla.com is dead in the water. So the only place you can get it is the mirrors, which don't contribute to the world record count.

What a bunch of phooey, If you're going to promote a landrush on a download, at least have the decency to ACTUALLY be prepared instead of asking the world to assist in a DoS attack on your system. And actually have the product readily available.

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