Geeks Day

About Once a year me & my dad (a professional musician) go out and look @ all the cool little local shops to check out the new & used equipment. As Usual, we spent about 4 hours out & about playing with stuff.

Also as usual, I found some stuff I wanted but want to spend that much money on (Usually New equipment, But a lot of used was over-priced too)

Golden Used finds included: Casio CZ-101 ($100), Turntables($65-200), midi controllers($50-200) and an Upright 3/4 Bass ($499) ...

Fortunately my dad has been searching for an upright for sometime, and this just happened to be about 1/4 of the price of buying a new one. So he now has a bass in his arsenal, which I am welcome to come play with.

I myself left with a handful of cables and adapters, cuz I am poor.

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