Moving Fin / Nintendo DS

Moving went well, about 3 hours door to door.

A bunch of friends and family showed up so it was easy as pie, and on another note of luck most people left before they received their promised pizza & beer, so we got away with 1 extra-large and Gatorade.

ALSO, I got a Nintendo DS Lite over the weekend, I got an Ubisoft title called "Jam Session" that basically makes your DS into a guitar. It's pretty nifty. it has effects and everything. next up: protein[DS] just gotta figure out how to get that working. those crazy homebrew kids.


Moving Day ....

I'm moving today to a MUCH bigger apartment ... I'm tres excited because I'll have a garage lab to work in instead of a fooseball table AND i don't have to take the bus as far ... sweet ... once the move has gone underway I'll be posting alot more music-related stuff (as opposed to the computer related stuff right now)


PureData rocks, add on AudioPint & it KILLS

I've been playing around with PureData for about a week now, and it's so much fun and easy to use. I built a metronome with tap-tempo and BPM setting in about an hour.

You can also use pureData to make soft-synths that are midi controlled, and even use it to process audio being sent into your sound card. Low on cash? want a new guitar effect? write it in PD, plug into your computer & bam, amazing sound-warping possibilities.

But what about live ?? do I have to carry around my wimpy laptop? or my huge desktop ? NO that's where audiopint comes in, possibly the best/coolest idea I've seen so far. It's a near-indestructible pelican case full of computer hardware allowing you to run all your pureData patches. live.

drop it? who cares, pelican cases are like the little-black-box on airplanes.

check it all out:



and lastly, a pelican case torture test.


Flash 10, jawdropper ahoy!!

Just found this via bit-101, a great Flash Blog (since my day-job involves flash)

First off Install flash 10 from:

then check this out, it's flash generating sound based on your mouse's x/y position:

Read the whole post (code included) at:

Too bad this code probably won't work when the new stuff comes out, it's still Beta... But I'm willing to drop the dough on doing it straight from flash, no more Flash -> FLOSC -> PureData... Friggin sweet.

for more flash 10 demo's check out:


PS2 to Midi !!

Just saw this today on Curious Inventor: PS2 to MIDI converter... control Ambleton or whatever with a ps2 controller .... how cool is that.

Those friggin' geniuses ... and they're selling it fully assembled for 80 bucks ... cheapest midi controller ....



Google Image Hack - full-sized gImages

Ok, I finally got this to work the way I wanted it .... Go to google images, look something up and put this in the address bar :

javascript:i=document.getElementsByTagName('a');var htm; var output; var out = new Array();for(a=25;a<(i.length-15);a++){htm = i[a]; htmS= htm.search.substring(1); ampS = htmS.split("&");equS = ampS[0].split("=");out.push(equS[1])};r = document.getElementsByTagName('img'); var im;for(b=0;b<r.length;b++){r[b].setAttribute('src',out[b]);

It'll display full-sized images instead of thumbnails ... fun


The Minthesizer ... very cool little synth build in an altoids tin... perfect for the battery-operated music I've come to love... I gotta get one of these things....

More info @ http://www.minthesizer.com/minthesizer.html ...

He's also got a theremint 'coming soon' guess what THAT does ...


Google Images hack - full-sized images ONLY

Tired of looking at all those tiny thumbnails on google images ?

This hack will make a google images page disappear, and be replaced with the full-sized images from that page.

goto google images, and search for whatever you want.

when that page comes up type or copy & paste this into your browser's address bar.

javascript:i=document.getElementsByTagName('a');var output;var htm;for(a=25;a<(i.length-15);a++){htm = i[a]; htmS= htm.search.substring(1); ampS = htmS.split("&");equS = ampS[0].split("="); output +="<img src='" + equS[1] + "'><br/>";};document.body.innerHTML =output;

Hope you all enjoy, the bummer is that I can't get it to keep displaying the google frame :-( if anybody out there has idea's please post them here.


Download Music/Video from pandora/you-tube

Remember Pandora's Jar & all those You-Tube Video Grabbers ?

Well I just discovered a lovely little "trick"....

Downloaded the latest RealPlayer 11.0.3 powered by helix

Pop open pandora or you-tube and real-player pops up a "download this video" dialog,
click it, and now you have a free mp3, flv, or whatever....

actually it grabs pandora's music as an mp4 ... and you'll have to re-name it (it automatically names it "Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music.mp4" But you-tube video's are named after their title ... on winXP it saves them to: "\My Documents\My Videos\RealPlayer Downloads"

friggin' sweet.

for more info check out : http://i.realone.com/product/help/rp11/en/Content/Recording_Download-Record_Web.htm