Download Music/Video from pandora/you-tube

Remember Pandora's Jar & all those You-Tube Video Grabbers ?

Well I just discovered a lovely little "trick"....

Downloaded the latest RealPlayer 11.0.3 powered by helix

Pop open pandora or you-tube and real-player pops up a "download this video" dialog,
click it, and now you have a free mp3, flv, or whatever....

actually it grabs pandora's music as an mp4 ... and you'll have to re-name it (it automatically names it "Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music.mp4" But you-tube video's are named after their title ... on winXP it saves them to: "\My Documents\My Videos\RealPlayer Downloads"

friggin' sweet.

for more info check out : http://i.realone.com/product/help/rp11/en/Content/Recording_Download-Record_Web.htm

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