PureData rocks, add on AudioPint & it KILLS

I've been playing around with PureData for about a week now, and it's so much fun and easy to use. I built a metronome with tap-tempo and BPM setting in about an hour.

You can also use pureData to make soft-synths that are midi controlled, and even use it to process audio being sent into your sound card. Low on cash? want a new guitar effect? write it in PD, plug into your computer & bam, amazing sound-warping possibilities.

But what about live ?? do I have to carry around my wimpy laptop? or my huge desktop ? NO that's where audiopint comes in, possibly the best/coolest idea I've seen so far. It's a near-indestructible pelican case full of computer hardware allowing you to run all your pureData patches. live.

drop it? who cares, pelican cases are like the little-black-box on airplanes.

check it all out:



and lastly, a pelican case torture test.

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