Dizzy Woosh @ Fallout Shelter Quasi-Review

Over the weekend I stopped by 'Fallout Shelter' in Aliquippa, Pa to see my friend's band 'Dizzy Woosh,' Which is a 7 peice outfit consisting of drums, accordion, guitar (x2), bass, banjo, and percussion. A line-up that reminds me of an old joke "What do you call perfect pitch? When you throw an accordion in the dumpster and it smashes a banjo" But oddly enough they worked out excellently together. The venue was about as spacious as a VW beatle, and the one guitar player graciously stood off-stage when he didn't need to rock his Wah, but they're weren't many bumps or bruises going through the performance.

The Fallout Shelter is located under Sheffield Lanes, but was acoustically seperated from the pounding that I'm sure was happening above. The atmosphere was nice, but extremely cramped, the stage area was definitely better suited for a power trio, the bar was stocked well enough for the basics of beers & liquors. It took a song or two to work out all the bugs, but Dizzy Woosh had the last set of the night, and was still plugging in when I showed up so I wasn't too shocked by the minor glitches. The room-acoustics seemed to suck up a lot of bass, and spit out a lot of treble; or maybe it was the higher pitches generally found in accordion and banjo that really out-shown the bass frequencies.

Any way you put it, Dizzy Woosh is a great band, and the Fallout Shelter is a decent venue, I'ld go back to see 'em both if I had a chance. It was fun.

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micheeled said...

I reviewed this thingy for Arena: It's great, but all the demo songs sound like Photek or someone & I have to confess that i struggled to make a tune that didn't either. Woosh